Benefits of babsy

babsy and its program library and database system enables you to calculate pressure vessels and pipes in accordance with actual national and international standards and regulations in an efficient and fast way. The module based construction allows you to get a well tailored compilation which suits your needs. Babsy stores its data in project files, easy to retrieve and manage. You can run babsy in a network, i.e. we use it under Novell 4.1. Nearly for all pressure parts babsy offers options like optimize mode with a calculation of the required thickness or given thickness with leads to a stress utilization.

Hardware requirements

Babsy runs on all PC's on DOS (up from version 3.3) in a range from XT's to latest state of the art types. Since windows systems were released, you know: the faster, the better.

Software : a) DOS-Version

All modules are constructed in overlay mode, which lead to fast loading speed, optimum memory utilization, therefore high performance and less resources and are easy to maintain. . Printer drivers for the main pin-, ink- and laserprinters are included.

Software : b) Windows-Version(s)

Contrarary to the DOS programs babsy is a compact compiled unit. This because in windows based systems memory and capacity is now no more a vital question to programmer's virtousity (sorry about it). inspite of this, we managed the complete AD-B-series to keep below 1 Mbyte. In windows, babsy comes up with a detailed scalable (!) vectorized graphic aid, based on Autocad's .DXF-Files. Input data and results may be copied per cut and paste via the clipboard into other applications such as Microsoft's Word or Excel.
Jobfiles save your input data in a compact, reliable format. You may repeat your work with modified conditions, such as pressure and/or temperature in batches and do calculations for a complete vessel subject to different conditions. A typical application is a piping class.